Apple is getting ready to sell its new iPad Pro this week: The 12.9-inch iPad will become available to order through the company’s website this Wednesday, and arrive in stores “later this week,” according to a press release.

Accessories like the iPad Pro keyboard and the device’s stylus, which Apple is calling “Pencil,” will become available at the same time. Apple will release the new device simultaneously in 40 countries, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and China. In the U.S., the iPad Pro will start selling for $799.

Apple officially introduced the oversized iPad in early September. The company is positioning the device as a productivity tool capable of replacing full-sized desktop computers, pegging it directly against Microsoft’s Surface tablets.

That strategy is in part due to the fact that consumers have been buying fewer tablets for home and casual use, and are instead opting to purchase phones with bigger screens. Apple’s fiscal Q4 of 2015, which ended in September, was the first quarter during which the company sold less than 10 million iPads since 2011.