Facebook-owned Instagram may eventually use virtual reality headsets to let users travel around the world, said Instagram CTO Mike Krieger at the Structure conference in San Francisco Thursday. Krieger stopped short of saying that Instagram is developing an app for the Oculus virtual reality (VR) headset, but he clearly seemed excited about the possibilities of virtual reality. “It’s pretty mind-blowing,” he said about the Oculus Rift headset.

Instagram and Oculus have both been acquired by Facebook, and have since become key assets for the company. Krieger said Instagram is very much a bet on the current state of media consumption and sharing, whereas VR is a bet about the future. However, he added that the Instagram and Oculus teams are frequently brainstorming about collaborations. “We have our two- to three-month chat around what could we do around VR,” he said.

One scenario: Instagram could use VR to let users explore the world. “I’m fascinated with being able to travel the world via Instagram and just be somewhere different. Teleport yourself somewhere else.” He added that Instagram already has the content to make this possible, but that the service isn’t currently very good at surfacing it. Improving that could eventually involve VR headsets, he said: “Being able to experience that in app and eventually in some other experience would be really exciting.”