This is fun: Google now lets you join the light side and fight stormtroopers from the comfort of your office chair with a new browser-based mini game called the “Lightsaber Escape.” The twist: The game turns your phone into the handle of a lightsaber, and wielding it around in front of your computer monitor is how you deflect incoming fire.

The game doesn’t require users to download any software onto their phone or computer, and can be played on any Windows, Mac OS X or Chrome OS computer running a recent version of Google’s Chrome browser. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS phones, but won’t work with iPads or other forms of tablets. To play, users simply have to visit the “Lightsaber Experience” website with their desktop PC, where they will get a special personalized web address to use with their phone’s browser.

The “Lightsaber Escape” is just the latest of a number of so-called Chrome experiments that Google has been publishing to show off what can be done with modern-day web technologies. For this one, Google has collaborated with Disney, LucasFilm and Industrial Light & Magic.

Google isn’t the only company jumping on the Star Wars train. Earlier this week, Facebook released a tool that lets users add a lightsaber to their profile picture. And some third-party Chrome developers have built a helpful extension to block any Star Wars spoilers from the websites you visit (hat tip to Engadget).