Google is getting ready to add an affiliate program to the Google Play store, according to a report from 9to5Google. The program will likely be first made available for movie and music referrals, but may be added to apps and possibly even hardware sales.

Such an affiliate program would make it possible for third parties to get a cut when they help Google sell digital content, similar to what’s already available for Apple’s iTunes store. This could give movie studios and record labels one more incentive to directly link to the Play Store to advertise their own catalog, as it would be an easy way to make more money with selling digital content.

The affiliate program is reportedly powered by the Performance Horizon Group, the same company that also does this for Apple’s iTunes affiliate program. However, many details are apparently still up in the air, and could change before a launch. For all we know, Google could even decide to scrap the program altogether. A Google spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by Variety.