It’s been a hard week for Josh Ostrovsky. And that’s probably saying a lot for someone who calls himself the Fat Jew.

After news broke that he had signed with CAA, the social-media star received almost immediate backlash with declarations that he steals others’ content without proper attribution.

Ostrovsky, whom some might also know for his appearances on Showtime’s latenight series “3 a.m.,” finally spoke out about the controversy on Friday. It would be ironic if Variety didn’t mention that that interview was in another outlet.

“I should have been providing attribution for all posts,” Ostrovsky told Vulture. “It’s always been important to me. The Internet is a vast ocean of stuff, and sometimes it’s hard to find the original source of something. I now realize that if I couldn’t find a source for something, I probably shouldn’t have posted it in the first place.”

He says he will now offer proper attribution or he will delete his posts — and he hopes to lead the charge for others to do the same.

Now that Ostrovsky is the poster child (Twitter profile?) of something that is rampant through most sectors of the Internet, will others get on board to rectify this problem? Bigger fish like Facebook and Snapchat might want to take note.