Facebook wants to bring video ads everywhere: The company announced Tuesday that it is bringing auto-play video ads to its mobile ad network, allowing app publishers to add the same kind of video advertising experience that consumers already know from Facebook’s apps and website to their own apps.

In addition to video ads, Facebook also added more targeted product ads and carousel ads to its ad network. Facebook launched its own ad network, dubbed the “Audience Network,” in April of 2014 in an attempt to more directly compete with Google and others for the mobile ad market.

Publishers who participate in the audience network not only get to tap into Facebook’s pool of two million advertisers, but also profit from the data Facebook has on its users: Consumers who are logged into Facebook on their phone automatically get to see ads that match their interests.

The company said Tuesday that it has seen the biggest growth in native advertising, which now represents 80 percent of the Audience Network ad impressions. Adding auto-play videos to the arsenal of native ads available through the ad network was the logical next step, and also underscores how important video advertising has become for Facebook.