Snapchat users will be able to figure out if the butler did it in real time.

In an intriguing, digital-era twist, CryptTV, the digital network co-founded by “Hostel” maestro Eli Roth, will host a live murder mystery on the video messaging service this Sunday.

The evening will center on a number of social-media influencers, all of whom boast extensive Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followings. As part of the event, they are invited to a party at a mansion, where they will be “killed off” one by one. Among those set to expire prematurely are Logan Paul (11.6 million followers across Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram), Nick Bateman (6.3 million), Lia Marie Johnson (4 million), Jack Baran (3.6 million), and Simone Shepherd (3.5 million).

After the party ends and the bodies finish piling up, viewers will have 24 hours to scan through CryptTV’s Snapchat for clues to find the killer before the evidence vanishes. Snapchat has a time limit for how long recipients can view their messages, one of the reasons it is more commonly associated with sexting than detective work.

Roth is producing the live show, which is being directed by the Culprit Creative. CryptTV’s other credits include “A Little Different,” a non-scripted series about people who overcame physical disabilities to reach their goals, and “One Minute Horror,” a forum for scary shorts that are less than 60 seconds long.