It’s not the length of the terror that matters, it’s the size of the scare.

At least that’s what horror maestro Eli Roth is setting out to demonstrate using the latest in social networking. The “Hostel” director is launching a new online contest dubbed #15SecondScare and challenging his fans to cook up the scariest short on Instagram.

A celebrity stuffed panel of judges will help Roth determine who delivered the most blood-curdling short. They include Quentin Tarantino, music producer deadmau5, “Key and Peele’s” Jordan Peele, “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens, “Enter the Void” director Gaspar Noé, “Paranormal Activity” producer Jason Blum and Roth himself.

The project is being backed by CryptTV, the digital genre network co-founded by Roth and Jack Davis. The winner will be announced on Halloween. They will get a $10,000 check and the chance to have their work turned into a short by the team at CryptTV.

Roth seems to be embracing the digital age more fervently than most in Hollywood. Last summer, CryptTV produced a murder mystery that unfolded entirely on SnapChat.