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Five jocks and former college roommates at Texas A&M U. make up the Dude Perfect channel, which has a distribution partnership with Whistle Sports. (quoted: Jeff Toney, Dude Perfect’s business manager)

Content Style: “We’re based around comedic entertainment and competition. And everything is centered on sports or comedy of some nature. We have an unorthodox way of creating levels of competition.”

Audience Target: “Our stunt-based trick-shot videos are popular with a younger audience, although adults have used it to create special moments with their kids. We get a lot of college athletes, or people who were competitive as students and are now starting careers and starting their own families.”

Appeal Explained: “It’s the authentic celebration of accomplishment. The guys get to work with some fun celebrities and athletes in unusual settings. Everybody gets to celebrate, and even though the audience can’t be there, they feel like one of the guys. They can relate to what the Dudes are doing and the joy they have when they accomplish something.”

Knew They Hit It Big When: “We started becoming a regular on traditional media programs (ESPN, ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’), and people started referring to shots that other people would make, like LeBron James, as a Dude Perfect shot.”

In Five Years: “We’re going to experiment with different types of content. We’re looking into things like television shows and movies based on the life of Dude Perfect. We’re hoping that the audience wants to see what’s behind Dude Perfect.”

Secret to Success: “Everything we do, and everything we record, is 100% real. The camaraderie the guys show toward each other is exactly how they are when they hang out with each other. Also, they look like your brother or the guy next door, so everybody can relate to them. They’re just average guys with a really go-big attitude, and they do things in unorthodox ways or in unusual settings and environments.”

Dude Perfect By The Numbers

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