Pioneering online video platform Blip is no more: Disney-owned Maker Studios officially pulled the plug on Blip Thursday afternoon, replacing the service’s homepage with a page featuring the Blip logo on black background, and the words: “Sorry, this Blip has sailed. :'(“

Maker had announced the planned shutdown of Blip a month ago, at the time encouraging video producers to instead use YouTube, and apply for inclusion in Maker’s MCN on  the Google-owned video platform.

Blip was founded in 2005, and at one time had around 900,000 publishers on its platform. Maker Studios acquired Blip in 2013, in part to use Blip’s player for its own platform, and was subsequently itself acquired by Disney in early 2014.

The Mouse paid $500 million for Maker, with the possibility of forking over another $450 million in the form of performance-based earn-outs. However, Recode reported earlier this month that these earn-outs may be much smaller than initially anticipated.