Comic Artist Turned iTunes Terms and Conditions Into An Online Graphic Novel

iTunestandc comic
Courtesy of iTunestandc.tumblr.com

We’ve all skipped over it. Now, Robert Sikoryak would like you to actually read Apple’s iTunes terms and conditions. The New York-based comic artist has turned the entire legal document into a graphic novel, and is in the process of publishing it on Tumblr, one page a day.

Star of Sikoryak’s adaptation of the legal document is none other than Steve Jobs himself. The late Apple CEO is voicing obscure references to state liability laws, digital rights management and the number of devices permitted for different features of Apple’s media services, always dressed in his iconic black turtleneck sweater.

So how do you keep a dry legal document like this interesting? Sikoryak did it by drawing each page of his comic in the style of and as an homage to popular comic artists, ranging from Robert Crumb to Scott Adams to Stan Lee. Altogether, he is planning to publish 94 pages.

Sikoryak told his readers on Tumblr that he is looking into the possibility to also publish the comic as a hardcover graphic novel. He added that a few comic shops in New York already carry print versions in small quantities.