Google’s Chromecast continues to be a hit, according to market research outlet Strategy Analytics, which estimates that the media streaming adapter accounted for 35 percent of all streaming devices sold worldwide in Q3.

Apple TV was able to capture a 20 percent market share, according to the company’s most recent Global Connected TV Device Vendor Share report, with Roku and Amazon Fire TV sharing the third spot with 16 percent each.

Global Digital Media Streamer Market Shares: Q3 2015 (PRNewsFoto/Strategy Analytics)

It’s worth noting that the data doesn’t really tell us a lot about what consumers will be buying this holiday season. Amazon, Apple, Roku and Google all introduced new devices in time for the holiday season that weren’t available for sale in Q3 yet. Apple’s new Apple TV in particular could prove to be popular, in part because the company has started to aggressively market the device to consumers, something it didn’t do for the previous-generation Apple TV.

Amazon’s decision to stop selling all Apple TV and Chromecast streaming devices could also have an impact on holiday sales. Google’s Chromecast was the best-selling consumer electronics device on Amazon.com during most months ever since it got introduced in 2013.