Apple TV may soon extend its reach beyond the living room: The video set-top box will be key to Apple’s plans for the connected home, according to a new report by 9to5Mac that details how the device will interact with mobile apps and smart home devices as part of Apple’s yet-to-be launched HomeKit platform.

Apple first announced HomeKit, at its Worldwide Developer Conference last summer, as a way to control connected thermostats, door locks and other so-called smart devices throughout the home from your iPhone. At the time, the company shared few details on how these devices will actually work together, but 9to5Mac reports now that the setup of HomeKit device will be handled by a Home app on your mobile device.

Once things are up and running, an Apple TV can serve as the central hub for all other HomeKit devices, according to the report. This likely means that users will be able to turn down their air conditioning, check their home alarm system or even close their connected blinds with their Apple TV remote, and monitor their connected home on the biggest screen on their house.

Apple is expected to use this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco next month to share more details about HomeKit. The company has said that first HomeKit-compatible devices will reach stores in June as well, despite reports that it had to delay some launches until fall.