Apple has postponed the launch of a new version of its Apple TV streaming box, and won’t show off the new device at its WorldWide Developer Conference in San Francisco next Monday, according to a New York Times report. The paper reports that Apple planned to launch the new device at WWDC until about mid-May, but changed course over the last couple of weeks because the hardware wasn’t ready.

The next generation of Apple TV is supposed to come with an improved remote control, and give developers easier access to the box, possibly even extending the iTunes App Store to Apple TV itself. Apple is also starting to use Apple TV as a gateway for its HomeKit smart home platform, and could have demonstrated new ways to monitor and control smart appliances directly from the TV.

A postponed Apple TV hardware launch would be Apple’s second setback in the living room in just a few days: Earlier this week, news broke that Apple’s long-rumored online TV streaming service won’t be unveiled at WWDC because of missing content rights.