Facebook is more than three times as popular as Twitter among adult U.S. Internet users, according to new data from the Pew Research Center, which also has Twitter trailing Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Pew’s newest “Mobile Messaging and Social Media” report shows that 72% of U.S. adult Internet users are on Facebook, whereas only 23% of all U.S. adult Internet users are on Twitter; 28% use the Facebook-owned Instagram, 31% use Pinterest and 25% use LinkedIn.

Facebook also leads Twitter in engagement: 70 percent of its users access the social network every day, and another 21% check it at least once a week. In comparison, only 38% of Twitter users check the service once a day, and another 21% tune in at least once a week. That leaves 40% of Twitter users checking the service less than weekly, compared to just 9% for Facebook.

Pew’s survey, which was conducted during March and April, also shows some other interesting demographic differences. Most striking may be the racial composition of each network’s user base: Twitter is being used by 28% of all black adult Internet users as well as 28% of all Hispanic adult Internet users, but only 20% of all white adult Internet users.

Facebook, on the other hand, is slightly more popular among white than black Internet users, but more than makes up for this with Instagram, with 47% of black adult Internet users accessing Instagram, whereas only 21% of white adult Internet users do so.

The popularity of Instagram and Twitter among minorities stands in stark contrast to the lack of workplace diversity at Facebook and Twitter: Only 4% of Twitter’s workforce and only 5% of Facebook’s workforce is black or Hispanic, according to diversity numbers released by both companies.