PARIS– Rights management group Fintage House has partnered up with U.K. startup Billion Dollar Boy to launch Lasso, a new venture dedicated to monetizing online rights for film and TV companies.

On top of monetizing online rights, Lasso will provide film and TV shingles with a 24/7 worldwide audiovisual content management service, as well as deliver analytics on content.

Billion Dollar Boy, whose client list includes Ford, McDonalds, Razorfish, Lionsgate and
Discovery Networks, will also allow film and TV shingles to access social-media stars. The outfit, which has offices in London and Los Angeles, has worked on a number of movies, including “Dallas Buyers Club” and “The Expendables.”

“In Lasso, Fintage House’s established and trusted range of rights collection services will complement Billion Dollar Boy’s ambitious team and fast-growing online content management service, creating a new standard in this ever,” said Edward East, Billion Dollar Boy founder.

Marcel Hoogenberk, exec VP of Fintage House, said the joint venture will “give new possibilities to our clients and we can tap into the digital marketing and social media experience of Billion Dollar Boy.”

Fintage House has been collecting royalties for over 15 years on film and TV broadcasts (notably “House of Cards,” “Sicario” and “Birman”) throughout Australia, Europe, Japan, North America and South America.

The two companies previously joined forces to create a customized YouTube channel for the relaunch of the daytime soap “The Bold & The Beautiful” (pictured above).