The movie based on the arcade classic “Dragon’s Lair” is dropping its Kickstarter campaign and moving to a different crowdfunding site, Indiegogo.

Animation veterans Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, creators of “Dragon’s Lair” and movies including “The Land Before Time,” “All Dogs Go To Heaven,” “An American Tail,” and “The Secret of NIMH,” announced the move to Indiegogo, which launched today.

The original Kickstarter, launched in October, asked for $550,000, which would be used to make a 10-minute teaser to pitch the movie to studios. At the time of cancellation,  nearly 3,000 had raised more than $240,000. The new campaign looks to raise $250,000 to fund the sizzle reel.

“Dragon’s Lair” was released in arcades in the 1980s and became beloved–and despised–for its full-motion cartoon animation and difficult gameplay.

Both Bluth and Goldman said last month that out of all the animated films they have made, it’s “Dragon’s Lair” for which their fans know them best.