TV host, actor, producer, comedian and tech entrepreneur Nick Cannon adds to his CV the honorary title of Entertainment Matters Ambassador for the 2015 Intl. CES. The 34-year-old multi-hyphenate’s NCredible Entertainment develops films and TV shows — including Nickelodeon’s recent “ReactToThat” featuring YouTube stars the Fine Bros. — and has launched an Android tablet sold through QVC. Cannon also is host of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and has a recurring role in the second season of Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

How is technology changing Hollywood?

To me, you can’t have entertainment without technology. All the ways we consume content these days is through the tech space. Everything has been going toward the world of mobile and do-it-yourself content.

What does that mean for traditional entertainment companies?

The message to the industry is that we have to cater everything to the new generation’s habits of consuming content. You have to speak their language, because we have so many other choices.

What new tech have you seen that’s impressed you?

I got a sneak peak of a couple of things going into this year’s CES — the virtual-reality demos were the most exciting things I saw. The combination of gaming with virtual reality, that kind of blew me away.

Does digital make it harder to find new talent?

It’s a different game, but it’s more exciting. When you find talent off the Internet, you see someone’s digital following and say, ‘Wow, that’s already tremendous’ — that actually makes the job of a smart producer even easier. Before, it was about finding the right auditions and the right manager. Now you can create this content from your own bedroom.