Busy Philipps earns her name, having become a consistent presence on TV since breaking through on “Freaks and Geeks.” Her latest show, “Cougar Town,” led her to join Twitter six years ago. Now one of the most active celebrity voices on social media, she’ll discuss that space at a panel at the upcoming SXSW fest.

How do you decide what to post?

Depends on the day, the time, my mood. I do run things by my husband, especially if it concerns our children. My daughter Birdie is at an age (6) where I straight up ask her before I post things about her.

Do people tell you not to share so much online?

I have actor friends who shy away from social media. The less people know about you personally, the more you’re able to disappear into characters. But culturally, the desire for information about people in the public eye is so great, people are going to get it no matter what. You may as well be in control of your content.

It seems like a requirement for TV stars.

If you have a following generated organically because of other things you post, people don’t mind when you’re like, “Hey guys, will you please watch ‘Cougar Town’ because I directed this episode.” The reaction is so much better than if you just have a publicist run an account.

Would you have used social media as a teen?

I would’ve had a horrible, embarrassing blog. I probably would’ve had the most horrifying revelations about my boyfriends. I would’ve been such an oversharer.