The inaugural Entertainment Intellectual Property Market will be held on the margins of this year’s Busan International Film Festival (Oct. 1-10, 2015).

The Entertainment IP mart will run for four days (Saturday Oct. 3 to Tuesday Oct. 6) and overlap with the festival’s conventional rights market and also its film project market.

It will involve five strands: pitching; book-to-film pitching; a forum; a legal seminar, a sales markets with exhibitors based in booths.

Organizers say that in the first year content for sale will be limited to original Korean works, but from 2016 the market will broaden its scope to include Japanese manga, Southeast Asian films, and Chinese-language web novels.

“The intellectual property rights to original works have rapidly risen to become key components in the entertainment business that attracts huge capital. This trend is evidenced by how China has emerged as the world’s biggest market in search for rights to various entertainment contents,” said Busan.

It also said that new technology and developing platforms have changed how content is originated, presented and exploited. “Web, mobile, SNS, tablet, format [have given rise to] webtoons, web dramas, web novels, TV variety shows; animation; TV commercials in the form of mini-dramas, online games, mobile games, and the character industry.”

“The opening of the E-IP Market will not only lead and guide the trend of the convergent content market in the entertainment industry, but it is expected to raise Busan, as the ‘City of Film’, and the center of the global entertainment market,” it claimed.