“The Big Bang Theory” is poised to become the first U.S. television series to play on China’s online video platforms under the country’s new content rules.

The eighth season of the show is set to air on tv.sohu, starting according to a report in the Global Times newspaper.

Korean TV drama “Hyde, Jekyll and Me” will actually be the first foreign show to air. It plays out on Youku Tudou’s video streaming platform from today (July 13).

Under recently introduced rules, the State Administration of Press Publication Radio Film & Television has put new limits on the number of imported shows that can be aired on China’s video platforms. It also requires every episode of a series to pass censorship before it can go to air. That limits the ability of the platforms to release episodes on a day and date basis in parallel with their overseas broadcast.

Earlier episodes of “Big Bang Theory” played on Sohu and earned some 1.3 billion views, before the show was ordered off air in April last year as part of a crackdown on foreign content.

At the time the SAPPRFT said it “violated regulations on having content which hurts the nation’s honor and interests and encourages teenagers to break laws and spread violence, eroticism, gambling and terrorism.” The earlier seasons remain unavailable in China.