‘Mad Max’ Again Outraces ‘Hot Pursuit’ for Top Movie Ad Spend Title

Mad Max Fury Road
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros

In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by iSpot.tv, “Mad Max: Fury Road” again beat out “Hot Pursuit” for the title of top-spending movie of the week, while newcomers “Tomorrowland” and “Poltergeist” made their debut.

“Fury Road” repeated its No. 1 position on the strength of a slightly lower estimated $7.5 million spent on 957 national airings across 42 networks led by MTV and Comedy Central. The vast majority of that spending targeted the NBA Basketball playoffs, with just under $1 million dedicated to placing ads against last week’s games.

Holding steady in second place was “Hot Pursuit” with an estimated $6.3 million spent on 1,030 national airings across 38 networks led by VH1 and MTV. Spending was far more dispersed, with the bulk of the money spread between three programs: “American Idol” ($272,000), “Grey’s Anatomy” ($268,000), and “The Voice” ($264,000).

Meanwhile, “Tomorrowland” entered the list at third, with $5.2 million spent on 643 national airings across 31 networks led by Disney XD and Disney Channel. Fellow newcomer “Poltergeist” debuted at fifth with $4.9 million spent on 991 national airings across 30 networks led by MTV and FX. They bookended “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” which rose up to fourth place with an increased investment of $5.1 million spent on 900 national airings across 35 networks led by Cartoon Network and Disney XD.

Overall, the state of TV advertising spending seems back to average levels from the dip it took last month. Following a yearly low of $32.7 million four weeks ago, the category last week totaled an estimated $47.8 million on TV advertising spending. Warner Bros. again led the pack with $17.2 million spent across 13 spots, followed by Universal Pictures with $6 million supporting three spots, and Marvel at $5.4 million behind 10 spots.

ABC captured the bulk of the movie ad spending, with $5.8 million, followed by TNT with $3.4 million and NBC with $3.3 million. But MTV aired the most spots, with 446, followed by VH1 with 401 and FX with 360.


Top Movie Commercials by Weekly TV Spend

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$7.5M – Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road
Online Activity: 4.35% within the movie category*
National Airings: 957
Networks: 43
Most Aired On: MTV, Comedy Central
Creative Versions: 24
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $25.4M
Studio: Warner Bros.
Started Airing: 04/04/15

$6.3M – Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit
Online Activity: 0.93% within the movie category*
National Airings: 1,030
Networks: 38
Most Aired On: VH1, MTV
Creative Versions: 34
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $22.5M
Studio: Warner Bros.
Started Airing: 04/12/15

$5.2M – Tomorrowland

Online Activity: 2.91% within the movie category*
National Airings: 643
Networks: 31
Most Aired On: Disney XD, Disney Channel
Creative Versions: 20
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $8.1M
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Started Airing: 01/17/15

$5.1M – The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Online Activity: 12.00% within the movie category*
National Airings: 900
Networks: 35
Most Aired On: Cartoon Network, Disney XD
Creative Versions: 58
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $22.8M
Studio: Marvel
Started Airing: 01/01/15

$4.9M – Poltergeist

Online Activity: 2.37% within the movie category*
National Airings: 991
Networks: 30
Most Aired On: MTV, FX
Creative Versions: 11
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $5.7M
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Started Airing: 03/29/15

1 Movie titles with a minimum spend of $100,000 for airings detected between 04/27/2015 and 05/03/2015.

* Percent of digital activity captured across online video, social media, and search activity that was stimulated by these movie trailers and measured in comparison to all online activity in the movie category.

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