Veteran U.S. independent producer Steven Paul has unveiled plans to expand into Asian talent management.

Paul said that his Talent Artist Group and literary agency Artform Entertainment will grow either through acquisition or organic development.

“We are starting to represent several Asian Filmmakers with the plan to help package films around them,” said Paul in Cannes. “Such Asian filmmakers include Pearry Teo, who directed ‘The Dark Prince’ for SP Sales Company and Wych Kaosayananda who directed ‘Tekken 2’ for us.”

The moves may be welcomed among Asian-American communities which have long complained of a ‘glass ceiling’ within Hollywood which limits Asian talent, stereotyping and on-screen presence that is not representative.

The moves also follow several other moves by Paul announced in Cannes to co-produce movies with Chinese partners and to raise production finance from China.

Artform, which is headed by Brian Young, has clients that include Richard Kelly (writer and director of “Donnie Darko”), Nicholas Jarecki (writer and director of “Arbitrage), Asia Argento and American novelist Rex Pickett (“Sideways”).

Recent additions to Paul’s management roster include France’s Patrick Allesandrin (“District Thirteen Ultimatum”), and Derrick Van Orden (“Act of Valor”). Alessandrin is set to direct “Born to be Ghosts,” a $35 million U.S.-China co-venture that will shoot predominantly in China in the first quarter of 2016.