While he doesn’t have a charitable organization set up, Russell Peters is, by all accounts, a very generous guy.

“There are always people staying at his home,” says manager Paul Canterna, about Peters’ spacious Malibu mansion.

He also endowed a scholarship at his former trade school. The $20,000 enables up to three years of college for a needy graduate of Judith Nyman Secondary School in Brampton, Canada.

Peters says when he was “kicked out” of Brampton high school, he found a home at North Peel, as the school was formerly known. While he took few classes, he found the school radio station and spent a lot of time there learning the art of being a DJ. He also speaks fondly of teacher Fred Kolar, who encouraged him.

Over the years Peters has made donations to orgs that have a personal connection. He donated $500,000 to the Brampton Civic Hospital where his father was treated; the MS Society because his sister-in-law suffers from the disease; and Gilda’s Club and Heart House Hospice.

He also helps young up-and-coming comedians by giving them an opportunity to perform on his tours. Canterna says Peters doesn’t see them as competition as much as incentive to up his game.