10 Comics to Watch: YouTube Star Flula Borg Breaks Stereotypes About German Humor

10 Comics to Watch
Courtesy of Flula Borg

Flula Borg, the 33-year-old YouTube star, is single-handedly demolishing any lingering misconceptions the world may have about Teutonic stiffness in the humor department. The hyper, hip German comedian-actor-DJ-musician has over 70 million YouTube views and his channel (600K-plus subscribers) features such wacky vlogs as an Auto-Tune cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” (3 million views and nominated for a Streamy last year).

And now he’s planning to conquer Hollywood: He starred in “Pitch Perfect 2” as a leader of German rap group Das Sound Machine. And he recently starred as “the very strange” lead in the NBC pilot “Cuckoo.” “It’s based on a British show, where my fish-out-of-water character was played by Andy Samberg,” he notes, “but NBC didn’t pick it up, so now we’re like a waiter with a very fine dish looking for the right customer.”

Undeterred, Borg, who moved to L.A. three years ago to bring his “funky-dunky, watch out! What is it? We don’t know, let’s go for a ride” style to America, is busy developing movie and TV ideas as well as auditioning “for any weirdo roles” he can find and making more YouTube videos. “Back home in Germany I’m just another German, but here I’m a strange German man with an accent, which is much better.”

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