Variety will publish a special edition on June 29 about the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage, with commentary from more than 80 distinguished individuals, including Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, NBC’s Robert Greenblatt and Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court case.

The 106-page special issue of the magazine, which will also be available Monday on Variety.com, features interviews, data, stories and columns about the entertainment industry’s role leading up to today’s historic decision — and showing where LGBT activists and the media go from here.

Aside from the many showbiz notables, there are thoughtful and sometimes challenging interviews with leaders in the political, religious and legal communities. They offer examples of why this topic is about much more than marriage — and why every person, straight or gay, should care about what happens next.

Many of the individuals interviewed are optimistic about the future. But others question the entertainment industry’s role in the past and its obligations going forward.

The issue also includes the results of a poll commissioned by Variety. Among the findings: 78% of the respondents say they favor equal rights, but only 28% were aware that that the Supreme Court ruling does not cover national employment and housing protections. LGBT people are the only group who do not have national protection in these areas.

Mayor Garcetti sums up the feelings of many interviewees when he says, “There is still a lot to be done” in the battle for equality.

Also included is an overview of marriage equality and LGBT treatment around the world, including reports from Ireland, China, Uganda and Russia.