Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes showed off teasers for upcoming Warner Bros. features “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Black Mass” at the conglom’s annual meeting Friday in Atlanta, Ga.

Bewkes talked up plans for Warner Bros. to release as many as 10 DC Comics-related movies in the next few years. He said there was “no more anticipated” movie for 2016 than the “Batman V. Superman” superhero pairing. He then cued a teaser for the pic that previously was seen in April at CinemaCon and features a glimpse of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight.

“Black Mass,” the Whitey Bulger biopic starring Johnny Depp set for release in September, also got a plug and clip at the shareholders session. Bewkes breezed through highlights of Turner Broadcasting’s performance and upcoming projects, including a clip of TBS’ offbeat Jason Jones domestic comedy “Detour.”

The “Take My Money, HBO” spot promoting HBO Go with “Sopranos” alums Tony Sirico and Vincent Pastore got a spin as Bewkes touted the “very strong start” of sales of HBO’s stand-alone broadband offering. He did not offer any specific numbers but assured shareholders that the launch of the service in April “has put HBO once again in the vanguard of innovation.”

The meeting ran a little over an hour and was mostly uneventful, with the exception of a woman who went off during the open Q&A period on a politically charged tangent critical of actor George Clooney and his wife, Amal Almuddin Clooney. Bewkes eventually cut the woman off by asserting, “We cannot allow this meeting to be the place where personal or political views of any of us are expressed.”

All 12 of Time Warner’s directors won re-election to the board with more than 89% of the vote. Shareholder proposals to implement rules regarding the depiction of tobacco use in the company’s movies and a proposal for the company to pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions were easily defeated. An advisory vote approving the company’s top corporate executive compensation packages for 2014 passed with 94% of the vote.