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The Force is now with Furby.

Hasbro’s little creatures will embrace Disney and Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with an $80 Furby that’s a crossover of the toy’s traditional design with the franchise’s Wookiee, Chewbacca. Its name: Furbacca, of course.

The pricetag is higher than the usual Furby (which cost around $20) because of its ability to hum the “Star Wars” theme, and interact with users through built-in sensors and an app — designed for Apple and Android phones and tablets — that lets owners feed, bathe and play games with the toy. LCD screens built into the eyes also display images of Imperial Star Destroyers and X-Wing Fighters.

Hasbro plans to start selling the Furbacca in the fall. “The Force Awakens” bows Dec. 18. The crossover character is the first film license for the Furby line.

The toymaker took its new toy to the Mashable offices (see below).

“Star Wars” and other major licenses to film projects in the future should help Hasbro breathe new life into its Furby line, which it brought back out of a five-year retirement in 2012.

It made the characters, which first became popular as a must-have toy in 1998, more interactive on their return to store shelves with an app-based game and controls.