While many celebrities expressed only sadness about the tragedy in Paris, Rob Lowe took to Twitter to criticize France’s political response to the situation.

His Tweets began the way other empathetic actors’ did. “Vive La France! #Paris,” Lowe tweeted. He then called out French President Francois Hollande for closing the country’s borders: “Oh, NOW France closes its borders. #Hollande” Next, he criticized Hollande’s speech about the tragedy, calling it “either the worst translation of an important speech ever, or one of the worst ever given.”

Lowe’s followers were not amused. “Probably not the best time to be cracking jokes,” one Twitter user replied. Others said his words were “disgusting” and demonstrated “bad taste.”

A few hours later, Lowe attempted to clarify his earlier comments: “Lived in France, and spend a ton of time there. Been in that stadium. This is all so devastatingly sad for a place I love. #FrenchPrayers,” he said. Lowe also called out the Twitter users who had decried his earlier “Vive La France” tweet as insensitive sarcasm. “Wow. For you trolls out there, the phrase “Vive La France” is the traditional expression of SUPPORT for France. Don’t misinterpret my words,” he tweeted.