Trashing Myth That Republicans Don’t Support LGBT Equality

Charles T Moran LGBT Republicans
Joel Kimmel for Variety

For many in Hollywood, the thought of a gay Republican is met with a look of oxymoronic bewilderment. But the fact is, there is as much political diversity within the LGBT community as exists in society. In fact, modern Republicans are helping lead the way toward broader acceptance of LGBT equality.

While it is true that our community still has many foes working to marginalize our voice both here and abroad, the culture wars of the 2000s (started by Republicans) have been replaced with a generalized acceptance of the LGBT community by Republicans. Today, many in the conservative community know that advocating for LGBT Americans’ equality isn’t just politically expedient, it’s also the right thing to do.

Earlier this year, over 300 notable Republicans signed their name to an amicus brief to the Supreme Court that signaled the creation of a beachhead in the Republican Party — that support for LGBT equality will no longer be used as a wedge issue or litmus test. Prominent Republican Party leaders and elected officials from every level, think-tank academics, legislative advocates and movement heads from across the entire conservative spectrum proudly stood up for our community.

So let’s drop the righteous indignation from the left, please. Lest anybody forget, former vice president Dick Cheney came out to support marriage equality well before President Obama or Secretary Clinton.David Koch, one-half of the much-maligned GOP money brothers, publicly supports marriage equality.

One of the most interesting cases involving the unraveling of the liberal storyline came from the Diane Sawyer interview of Bruce Jenner. As a transgender individual now identifying as Caitlyn, she made it clear that her Republican politics weren’t changing. The howls from the left were so predictable: “How dare she be a Republican?!” It seems open-mindedness and tolerance for liberals only applies when you agree with them.

For those of us who identify as conservatives and/or Republicans, we are not single-issue voters and we dare to defy convention. As President Reagan said, “80% my friend is not 20% my enemy.” We believe in family values, but that includes our families too — be they two men, two women or a man and woman. That is the message we communicate to the Republican Party and to the LGBT community.

It’s time to trash the myth that Republicans don’t support LGBT equality.

Charles T. Moran is a national GOP political strategist based in Los Angeles, and is the immediate past chairman of California Log Cabin Republicans.