Sarah Jones’ Family on ‘Midnight Rider’ Result: ‘We Are Content’

Midnight Rider Tragedy sarah Jones

Richard Jones, the father of Sarah Jones, told reporters that he and his wife, Elizabeth, are “content with the result” of the “Midnight Rider” criminal case.

Director Randall Miller was sentenced to 10 years on Monday, including two years in custody and eight on probation, after he entered a guilty plea. Executive producer Jay Sedrish was sentenced to 10 years probation after also entering a guilty plea. Charges of involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass were dropped against producer Jody Savin, Miller’s wife.

Richard Jones said he hoped the outcome would serve as a message to the industry. “We do call for the movie industry to examine themselves and this myth of a cinematic bubble that does not exist,” he told reporters, echoing comments he made inside the courtroom.

He said he believes there has been an elevated awareness of on-set safety following the campaign launched in the wake of his daughter’s death.

He said he and his family were not out to seek revenge, but they were prepared for a trial. “We did feel the prosecutor had a very good case, that there would have been a conviction,” he said.

Asked if he was happy after the plea deal, Jones said, “I certainly hesitate to use the word ‘happy.’ There’s no happiness here at all. We are content with the result.”

Before the media, Elizabeth Jones repeated what became a slogan for on-set safety in the weeks following her daughter’s death: “We are Sarah Jones.”