German Newspaper Attacked After Reprinting Charlie Hebdo Cartoons: Report

German Newspaper Attacked After Reprinting Charlie
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A German newspaper was pelted with rocks and an incendiary device Sunday, according to published reports, just days after taking the controversial step to reprint multiple cartoons from Charlie Hebdo magazine that depicted the prophet Mohammed.

Hamburger Morgenpost, a newspaper based in the German city of Hamburg, sustained damage but no one inside was hurt. A fire spread through two rooms by the incendiary device consumed some of the newspaper’s archives, but was extinguished.

Two individuals were detained by German police but it is unclear yet whether the attack was even related to the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. But Morgenpost reprinted the cartoons the previous week under the headline, “This much freedom must be possible.”

Reprinting the cartoons has emerged as a subject of debate for many publications around the globe since the murder of 17 people in Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office. The two attackers have since been killed in a standoff with French police, according to CNN.