French Prime Minister Warns of More Terror Attacks

French Prime Minister Warns of More

PARIS– French Prime Minister Manuel Valls Monday warned that more terror attacks are expected in Europe.

Valls told French media that intelligence services knew that attacks were coming, that they were planned in Syria, and that more may come in the next days and weeks.

He confirmed that over a dozen people had been arrested this morning following more than 150 pre-dawn police raids made across France in connection with the deadly attacks on Friday night that left 129 dead.

Police has proceeded in seven arrests in Belgium and has identified three suspected terrorists who resided in Brussels. One of them is the suicide bomber who severely injured a few people at a cafe near Place de la Nation, another was arrested and a third one is being tracked down by police, according to Le Monde.

Another suicide bomber, who is also French, has been identified, as well as a French man born in Syria who participated in the attack at the French stadium.  Authorities have just identified another suicide bomber involved in the Bataclan attack: A 28-year old man who was born in Paris and lived in Drancy. He was known by French services who had issued an international arrest warrant in 2013 to track him down.

The police moves came as France also renewed its air strikes in the Syrian town of Raqqa, against Islamic State, the seat of the radical organization that has claimed responsibility for the Paris carnage.

On top of the 129 casualties, there are still over 250 people hospitalized in Paris, according to the police prefect.