Trump’s ‘SNL’ Gig Prompts Equal Time Requests from John Kasich, Lindsey Graham

Trump's 'SNL' Gig Spurs Equal Time Requests from Kasich, Graham
Courtesy of NBC

The campaigns of John Kasich and Lindsey Graham have filed requests for equal time with NBC and affiliates following Donald Trump’s hosting of “Saturday Night Live” on Nov. 7.

The campaign of another GOP candidate, George Pataki, said on Friday that they would also request time for the 12 minutes, five seconds that Trump appeared on “SNL.”

In a letter to Margaret Tobey, NBCUniversal’s vice president of regulatory affairs, Kasich’s campaign lawyer E. Mark Braden wrote that Trump’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” was not exempt as a bona fide newscast, news interview, documentary or news event. The letter was addressed to Tobey and NBC affiliate station managers, requesting the “equal opportunity for the use of facilities.”

In a letter to WHO-TV general manager Dale Woods, Graham campaign chief counsel Brendan Parets requested equal time on that Des Moines station. A requirement of an equal time request is that a campaign must be a bona fide candidacy, and Parets pointed out that Graham has multiple staff members in the state and has frequently appeared at events.

On Nov. 9, NBC stations began posting notices of Trump’s appearance in their public files with the FCC.