Digital Domain Holdings Ltd., the parent company of visual effects studio Digital Domain, has entered into a joint venture with virtual reality tech provider Immersive Media to create content, including VR content.

The joint venture, to be known as IM360, combines Digital Domain’s expertise in computer generated imagery and motion capture with Immersive Media’s 360-degree video hardware and software platforms.

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Immersive Media‘s 360-degree video systems — which can be used for VR or for more limited forms of immersive video — is based on tech developed for military and intelligence applications. Though not a famous name, products using its tech have been quite popular. Its cameras were used for Google Maps’ street view feature. Corporate clients using its tech include Disney ABC, American Express, Converse, Turner Broadcasting and Mountain Dew.

Immersive Media systems have been used in the “Taylor Swift Blank Space” interactive music experience in “CONAN360,” which lets fans enjoy Conan O’Brien’s comedy show in 360 degrees. It created 360-degree video experiences for Red Bull, Mercedes-Benz, National Geographic and MuchMusic. Its software can send 360-degree video to smartphones, tablets and VR goggles and is already being used for live-streaming of VR.

Digital Domain — the visual effects studio — provided the CG video on the first realistic, fully CGI rendered, 3D virtual reality film “Evolution of Verse,” which debuted at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier exhibition. With this joint venture the company will continue to push into the VR space.

“To drive the content revolution,” said Digital Domain Holdings chairman/CEO Daniel Seah, “it’s crucial for us and our partners to be ahead of the curve. Immersive Media shares our vision of innovation, and this joint venture allows us to combine our unique complementary strengths.”