Daniel Craig donated almost $50,000 to a super PAC that claims to support Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but a Washington public interest group has raised questions about the organization’s legitimacy.

Craig’s publicist, Laura Symons, confirmed to Variety that he had made a donation.

But the investigative organization Center for Public Integrity, in a report posted on Thursday, is questioning whether Craig and many other donors may have been “duped” into giving to the super PAC, Americans Socially United, citing its failure to file forms with the Federal Election Commission and requests from Sanders’ official campaign to cease their activities.

Sanders himself has criticized the role of super PACs in the election, even if his campaign cannot stop such independent groups from working in support of his candidacy.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, which first reported on the contribution, Craig gave $47,300 in July to the super PAC.

“I made a donation to this organisation in good faith as I understood it to support Senator Sanders’ candidacy,” Craig said in a statement. “Currently, I have been informed of no evidence to question that my donation has not been used as intended. Should that situation occur, then clearly, I will review my position.”

The Center for Public Integrity questions the role of the super PAC’s founder, Cary Lee Peterson, including money owed to creditors and outstanding warrants in Arizona. The Sanders campaign has asked him to cease his activities, citing names given to the PAC including Bet on Bernie, and Ready for Bernie Sanders 2016. The campaign says that the use of Sanders’ name creates confusion and violates election law.

The SuperPAC did not immediately return a request for comment.

But Peterson told CPI that he set up the super PAC because “I just believe in the cause.” He told them that the PAC had already spent more than $1 million paying for billboards, field organizers and Sanders materials.