Clinton Supporters to Hollywood: ‘We Hope We Can Count on You’

Hillary Clinton Fox News Interview
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

In one of the first showbiz fundraising pitches for Hillary Clinton’s recently announced candidacy, Haim Saban and Casey Wasserman are asking donors to write checks to her campaign.

In an email sent out to potential donors, Saban and Wasserman are asking that supporters write checks to Hillary for America for $2,700 — the maximum allowed for each individual for the primary — or $5,400 per couple.

Saban and Wasserman say that Clinton “is by far the most qualified and experienced person to be the President of the United States.  From eight years as First Lady and a close advisor to her husband, President Clinton, to her tenure as a Senator and then Secretary of State. Hillary’s experience is second to none.  In addition, her position on all social matters, her creativity, tenacity and resilience are all well-known.

They also cite her credentials in foreign affairs, expected to be a focal point of attacks by Republicans. And they also assure donors that Clinton will be a strong backer of Israel.

“She will be an excellent leader for the United States and for our International standing,” they write.  “She is and always has been a strong leader and true friend when it comes to the U.S. and Israeli relationship. Trust me we know!”

Clinton is expected to trek to L.A. soon for a fundraiser, but Saban and Wasserman say that “If and when there is an event in your town, your contribution will apply to the first event.  We are confident that Hillary will get the nomination and we hope when she does we can count on your support, at the same level, again.”

Although they provide a link to the campaign website, the email states that it was paid for by Saban and not authorized by the candidate or her committee.

Saban and Wasserman are longtime friends of the Clintons, and supported Hillary Clinton’s 2008 bid for the presidency.