Cablevision has settled its antitrust suit against Viacom that challenged the media company’s bundling of channels.

Details of the business arrangements between the companies were not disclosed.

In a statement, the two companies said that they have “resolved the antitrust litigation between them related to a 2012 carriage agreement between the companies, and that they are simultaneously entering into mutually beneficial business arrangements.”

Details of the settlement and arrangements were not disclosed.

“We are pleased to have put these matters behind us in ways that benefit both of our companies and look forward to working together to benefit Cablevision’s customers,” their statement said.

Cablevision claimed that Viacom forced it to carry 14 lesser-watched channels as a condition of getting carriage of MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and BET, known as Viacom’s “core” channels.

But Viacom countercharged that Cablevision’s negotiations for a 2012 carriage agreement were a “complete sham,” intended to extract favorable terms for the core channels and then get a court to void the rest.