Bill Burton, who served as deputy press secretary during President Obama’s first term and co-founded the SuperPAC Priorities USA Action, will head up a new California office of the D.C. communications and political strategy firm SKDKnickerbocker.

Entertainment clients are expected to be a focus of the office, and the firm has already worked with such companies as HBO, the Walt Disney Co. and the MPAA, along with tech firms Palantir and Cuyana. Managing director Hilary Rosen is former chairwoman and CEO of the Recording Industry Assn. of America.

Burton was an early hire in Obama’s 2008 campaign, serving as national press secretary and then as deputy press secretary during the first term. He was senior strategist at Priorities, which raised more than $90 million. Jeffrey Katzenberg was an initial donor and fundraiser for the SuperPAC, which was a counter to a flood of money flowing to outside groups on the right.

Burton most recently was executive vice president and managing director at Global Strategy Group.