TOKYO — Sony said Friday that it will postpone part of its third quarter results report from the originally scheduled Feb. 4.

The reason cited was the November cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that the company described in a statement as causing “large-scale network and IT system damage.”

As a result, the statement continues, SPE “will not be able to use a greater part of its basic IT applications needed for business activities, including company finance and accounting applications, until the early part of February 2015.”

This means that Sony will not be able to finalize all of its numbers for the third quarter by the scheduled announcement date.

The company now expects to reveal its complete third quarter results by March 31. According to Japanese financial regulations, the usual time limit for this announcement is Feb. 16, but the SPE hack has made an extension necessary.

On February 4 Sony will announce third-quarter figures to the extent possible as well as report on SPE’s recovery from the cyber attack.

In its statement the company identified the attackers only as a “third party.”