Nobuya Wazaki has been promoted from president to chairman at Japanese pay-TV group WOWOW. The company has also hired Akira Tanaka as president. Both moves are said to reflect the company’s success and growth.

Wazaki has run the company for the past seven years as president, and is credited with lifting subscriptions to 2.77 million. Wowow said that Wazaki will “continue to have full managerial oversight of the company.”

Tanaka joins from pay-TV platform SKY Perfect JSat, where he was senior director, as well as president and representative director of subsidiary SKY Perfect Entertainment Corporation. Previously, Tanaka was an executive at Nippon Television.

Through a corporate initiative called ‘VISION2020,’ WOWOW says it will “change its relationship with its subscribers and members. The company previously had a one-way relationship sending content to subscribers of WOWOW, but is now developing an interactive relationship.”

“As we look ahead to 2020, we see that Mr. Tanaka will enhance our structure for future expansion,” said Wazaki in a statement.