Ken Ehrlich can claim a monumental legacy in the music world through the hundreds of shows he’s produced. This year will mark his 35th Grammy broadcast. He’s also the producer behind the “In Concert at the White House Series,” dozens of specials on artists like Michael Jackson and Celine Dion, and additional awards shows including the Emmys.

“He’s forgotten more about music than I’ve ever known,” says David Wild, the longtime writer of all of Ehrlich’s shows. “He’s passionate about getting everything right. He won’t stop until what he’s working on has become something amazing.”

Ehrlich keeps his core team small and prefers to work out of a house rather than corporate offices. Most on the team have been with him at least a decade. “Ken is a great coach and very sensitive to people,” says director Louis J. Horvitz, who works with Ehrlich on the Grammys and other shows. “He wants you to do the best work you can.”

Ron Basile
A former medical student, Basile, now producer at AEG Ehrlich Ventures, started with Ehrlich as an assistant nearly 30 years ago and never left.

David Wild 
The former Rolling Stone journalist collaborates with Ehrlich on every show he produces; Wild’s music knowledge is especially crucial on the Grammys.

Louis J. Horvitz
Once interested in becoming a racecar driver, Horvitz now uses those fast reflexes to direct live television events like the Grammys and the Golden Globes.

Paige Hadley
A production supervisor who is on the job on Ehrlich’s upcoming Stevie Wonder special. She works on the scripts and the timing for shows as well as dozens of other tasks.

Chantel Sausedo
Ehrlich’s talent producer secures acts for all his shows and figures out what they need to give their best performances.

Neil Portnow,
 president/CEO of the Recording Academy and Grammy Foundation president, and Jack Sussman, executive VP of specials, music and live events for CBS Entertainment, team with Ehrlich on the Grammys.


LL Cool J
The Grammy host has become close with Ehrlich as they’ve conquered music’s biggest night together. His insights have guided Ehrlich in difficult moments for the show, including the death of Whitney Houston.

Celine Dion
Ehrlich has collaborated with the singer for decades on her specials as well as her Las Vegas show and counts Dion as a close friend.

Dave Grohl
The Foo Fighters frontman and Ehrlich have an especially deep friendship based on their love of music and their knowledge of bands and musicians. Grohl is known to stop by Ehrlich’s offices just to talk and pitch ideas.