What do Miles Davis in his psychedelic funk phase and the dueling bounty hunters in post-Civil War Wyoming have in common?

Why hairstylist Camille Friend, of course. She worked on both Don Cheadle’s biopic “Miles Ahead” and Quentin Tarantino’s Western “The Hateful Eight.” For each film, she found coifs to fit the larger-than-life characters.

A “die hard” Miles fan, Friend had to create styles that defined four specific stages of the trumpeter’s life, including his wig-wearing ’70s theatricality. And she strove to balance Davis’ stage persona and humanity. “You want him to be in character, but not so much a character that he becomes like a ‘SNL’ skit,” she says.

Tarantino, meanwhile, despite a highly animated style, strives for natural, realistic characters. On “Hateful Eight,” while no individual has clean, well-coiffed hair, Jennifer Jason Leigh required a special combination of dry shampoo and pomade. Breaking the look into sections, Friend’s team made extensive notes to ensure continuity was maintained.

On the other hand, Bruce Dern’s wispy locks required special structuring. Friend “gave it some guts” through volumizing and styling.