While returning TV series tend to have their main talent in place, “Fargo” was an exception, and casting director Rachel Tenner had to start season 2 from scratch.

Fortunately, there was continuity in the relationship Tenner had built with returning producer and showrunner Noah Hawley, who helped her secure matches for the season’s quirky regulars. “Noah’s writing defines the world we’re creating,” Tenner says. “I come in with a point of view, and bring big ideas to the table.”

And while all the show’s actors were different this time around, most department heads where the same, including costume designer Carol Case, production designer Warren Alan Young and composer Jeff Russo. All are experts at conveying the show’s 1970s tone.

With that foundation of artisans in place, and working in tandem with casting directors Stephanie Gorin and Jackie Lind, Tenner recruited talent — including local Canadian actors as well as thesps from L.A. and New York — who could authentically inhabit Hawley’s unconventional characters.

And to help in the search, Tenner relied on social media — including custom-designed websites to educate talent on prepping and presenting.