Composer Bill Brown had lots of material to ponder when he took on the second season of Syfy drama “Dominion.” The series is about nothing less than the ultimate battle for Heaven and Earth, with angels duking it out as humanity struggles to survive.

“This season is so epic that it’s easy to do,” Brown says. “I use everything at my fingertips.” That includes an assortment of technology, which is “an important part of the score,” he adds. Among the instruments: an electric cello and a Moog synthesizer — pioneering device of electronic music — made from vintage parts.

“To have a live player playing something that is a hybrid of acoustic and electric, and using these ancient sounds and scales and themes … all of that together just combines with the rest of the score and gives it so much character,” says Brown. He likens the result to a “biblical sound.”

The work, he adds, certainly offers different challenges from recent gigs, including “CSI: N.Y.”

“I had an opportunity to use a whole new sound palette. It’s wonderful to write these epic soundscapes.”