The best designers realize that the best costumes can only truly pop when they’re worn by talented actors.

Take for example the witch outfit worn by Meryl Streep in “Into the Woods” or the wolf suit that Johnny Depp wears in the same film — both created by costume designer Colleen Atwood, who received an Oscar nom for the work.

Atwood says she designed Depp’s costume to match his musical style and body language: “Johnny’s take on the music (provides) a Tex Avery vibe, which took us right to the zoot suit.” She completed the look by hand-embroidering the jacket with a fur-inspired pattern.

The witch costume proved a greater challenge, because it had to lift and float in the air. This was crucial to the personality of Streep’s character. Atwood viewed the actress’s movement during rehearsal, then fashioned the design with a combination of silk crinkle chiffon and sheer nylon for the cape.

“Once the wind direction was sorted out, the costume worked without visual effects, thanks to Meryl’s mastering its movement,” Atwood says. “She’s a great collaborator. It is amazing to undergo the design process with someone who considers her costume part of her persona.”