Deluxe has inked an agreement with Warner Bros. Pictures to be the studio’s primary provider for a wide range of post-production and home entertainment-related services.

Deluxe has also acquired from Warner Bros the Los Angeles-based digital services company Global Digital Media Exchange (GDMX). In a welcome letter obtained by Variety, Deluxe told GDMX employees, “Deluxe will be WB’s primary outsource partner for post-production services. Under the multi-year agreement, and in collaboration with your team at GDMX, Deluxe will serve as Warner Bros. primary provider of Creative, Production, Localization, and Distribution services.”

The letter goes on to say the deal will “drive significant savings and materially enhance security for WB, as well as setting the stage for next-generation distribution strategies, including day and date releases across multiple distribution channels.” A Warner spokesperson said Warner Bros. has been happy working with Deluxe, which has been a key service provider, and that relationship will continue under this non-exclusive deal.

Earlier this year, Deluxe pacted with Sony to take over Sony Colorworks and provide digital intermediate, mastering and restoration services on a non-exclusive basis. GDMX provides a range of services for home entertainment and digital distribution. Deluxe intends to move quickly to integrate it into its family of companies, which includes DI provider Company3, visual effects firm Method Studios and 3D conversion specialist StereoD.