Mindy Kaling’s romantic comedy “The Mindy Project” is about a New Yorker obsessed with finding love when it’s often right in front of her.

In her closet.

Starting Tuesday, fans of the Hulu series can experience that euphoria as well when series costume designer Salvador Perez launches a line on retailer Gilt.com centered on some of Kaling’s character’s favorite accessories: coats.

“Coats were sort of what got the ball rolling on ‘Mindy Project’ because I couldn’t find what I wanted, which were more colorful and more streamlined and we started making them for our show,” Perez told Variety. “Fans’ reaction was always so positive and were something they were asking for. I wanted to have fun designing, but I also wanted to honor the fans who have been asking for them for four seasons.”

The six medium-weight coats are all vibrant colors and prints. Perez said this was key since it’s not only in line with the character, who is known for a love of flair, but something that sets his designs apart from the more expected styles of outerwear.

“There was a conversation about doing a black or camel coat and the whole reason I make the coats for Mindy is that you can buy a black or camel coat,” he explained, adding, “I wanted jewel tones that could be dressed up or dressed down. And I love houndstooth and I love metallic wool and when we found these fabrics that were lots of textures, it was a match made in heaven.”

He also understands that the coats’ price points of $450 each are not for everyone.

“I didn’t want to do a cheap knockoff of a ‘Mindy’ coat … I wanted the first collection to be a mirror to the show,” said Perez, adding that he wouldn’t be opposed to doing a more mass-market friendly line of coats inspired by the show or a line of other clothing items.

The Salvador Perez Collection for Gilt goes on sale starting at 12 p.m. ET Tuesday. See them in action as Kaling wears them in “The Mindy Project.”