Joel McHale is in New York this week to promote his new horror movie “Deliver Us From Evil,” but he mostly answered questions about the cancellation of “Community” at the film’s Tuesday night premiere.

McHale (pictured with the film’s Olivia Munn) said that he was surprised at NBC’s decision last month not to renew the series for a sixth season. The comedy was averaging just under 4 million viewers.

“Our ratings were good compared to the other NBC comedies,” McHale noted. “After President Obama asked me if it was coming back or not at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, I really thought, ‘well this seems to be in the zeitgeist,’” said McHale, who hosted the Washington D.C. event in May.

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McHale said he would return to “Community” if another network or outlet picked up the series, but there isn’t much time. On Monday, the actors’ contracts expire with Sony Pictures Television, allowing them to move on to other projects. TV Line reported this week that talks with Hulu had fallen apart though there are continued rumblings about the possibility of the show landing at another outlet.

What about a film funded on Kickstarter? “You’re going to need a lot of money,” McHale joked. “If there’s a movie made, we need like $200 million. This thing has to be better looking than ‘Gravity.’”

McHale said that he’d consider doing other movie roles. “They’re just lining up.” He then listed a few fictitious projects. “I’ve already shot the last ‘Hobbit.’ I play Smaug. I shot a couple of interactive kiosk videos for Madison Square Garden. I’m fielding an offer from Staples Center, but that might be a conflict of interest. I would like to do a sequel to the ‘English Patient,’ finally. What has happened to Kristin Scott Thomas’ corpse in that?”

“Deliver Us From Evil,” released by Screen Gems with a $30 million budget, offered a more dramatic role for McHale. He said that he did his own stunts to play the cop that fights evil spirits. “I bashed up my arm really bad,” he said. “I tumbled down a flight of stairs. At the end of every evening, I was beat up, and I loved it.”