‘Supernatural’ Season Finale Ends with One Hell of a Cliffhanger (SPOILERS)

Supernatural Season Finale

The CW’s “Supernatural” closed out its ninth season with a powerful — if not altogether surprising — finale on Tuesday night, leaving viewers teetering on the edge of a brutal cliffhanger that will assuredly shatter the show’s status quo when it returns for season ten this fall.

The episode’s final moments (SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched) saw heroic monster hunter Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) — one of the show’s two protagonists — return from death with the signature black eyes of a demon, tragically transforming him into one of the creatures he’s spent his life fighting. His brother Sam (Jared Padalecki), was too busy trying to summon the reinstated King of Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard at his scenery-chewing best), in an attempt to save Dean’s life, to realize that the cunning demon was already in the building, ready to welcome Dean into the ranks.

The dramatic denouement capped off an ambitious but uneven year for the veteran series, which was at its best when focused on expanding the meaty mythology that has driven the show for almost a decade, but lost its footing during the middle of the season, mired in a spate of shaky standalone episodes that stalled the narrative momentum and sometimes gave the impression that the writers were simply spinning their wheels in order to fill the network-mandated 23-episode order.

After nine years of battling every conceivable beast, bad guy and Biblical foe, there’s an unintended yet perfunctory air to the way the show now handles its procedural “Monsters of the Week” element — it’s hard to find an original take on vampires or werewolves in a post-“Twilight” world, and viewers may be feeling fatigued by the attempt. Lest we forget, “Supernatural” premiered before the likes of “True Blood,” “Grimm” and “The Vampire Diaries,” and the oversaturation of the genre market has done the stalwart show no favors — although its liberal interpretation of Judeo-Christian lore remains one of its most fascinating and fruitful decisions.

In addition to returning fan favorite character Castiel (Misha Collins) to the forefront of the story this season, “Supernatural” struck gold when it cast Curtis Armstrong as the nebbish Metatron, channeling his “Revenge of the Nerds”-esque power trip into an altogether more detestable plot as the vitriolic Scribe of God attempted to rule Heaven in his Creator’s stead. Likewise, when the show was able to properly utilize Tahmoh Penikett as disgraced angel Gadreel, the “Battlestar Galactica” alum brought pathos and gravitas to the conflicted character.

While those three  were given plenty to do, other angels received short shrift, especially earlier in the season. Adam Harrington’s Bartholomew might as well have had a mustache to nefariously twirl, since the character and his angelic minions never rose above villainous caricatures.

On the other end of the spectrum, Timothy Omundson’s turn as Biblical brother-killer Cain gave us one of the season’s most memorable episodes — not only providing the catalyst for Dean’s slow descent into bloodlust, but also deepening the show’s already substantial mythology, holding a mirror up to Sam and Dean’s own strained sibling bond to illustrate the lengths one might go to in order to protect their family. Viewers were also treated to welcome returns for Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and Felicia Day’s Charlie — two of “Supernatural’s” few surviving female characters. Day’s appearance was a particular joy thanks to a wacky but exhilarating installment that also featured characters from the land of L. Frank Baum’s Oz. It was a shame to lose demonic badass Abaddon (Alaina Huffman) who injected the season with a welcome dose of girl woman power throughout, but while it would’ve been nice to see more of her activities as usurper to Crowley’s throne in Hell throughout the season, it would’ve stretched credulity for the Winchesters to let her live beyond this year.

As always, the cornerstone of “Supernatural’s” success rests on the storied relationship between Sam and Dean — a relationship that remained excruciatingly strained for much of season nine. While this undeniably provided Ackles and Padalecki with a wealth of juicy material, enabling both stars to showcase some of their finest work to date, a prolonged storyline with the Winchesters at odds inevitably interfered with the show’s equilibrium, and with Dean’s latest predicament, that conflict looks set to continue at least into the early part of season ten.

While this isn’t necessarily a negative from a storytelling standpoint, it certainly keeps the audience off-balance — proving that the writers aren’t afraid to take risks even at this late stage of the show’s lifespan. Those risks don’t always pay off — season nine played noticeably fast and loose with some aspects of the show’s established canon — but it’s admirable that showrunner Jeremy Carver and his team aren’t content to rest on their laurels as “Supernatural” enters double-digits.

Dean’s demonic transformation does make good on a story thread that was hinted at yet never fully explored as far back as season three: When the elder Winchester sold his soul to save Sam’s life and was sent to Hell (he’s an unlucky guy), he eventually agreed to begin torturing other damned souls to end his own suffering, and he feared that his time “downstairs” would turn him into one of the black-eyed monsters he so loathed. After some delay, that prophecy has been fulfilled, which will hopefully enable the versatile Ackles to explore Dean’s dark side in a more profound way next season.

In earlier seasons, Sam’s everyman journey drove the show’s mythology, often leaving Dean without a substantive narrative arc, so it’s refreshing to see Dean’s devolution given such focus now — especially if his loss of humanity helps cement Sam’s resolve to save his brother and repair their fractured bond. Meanwhile, Padalecki has spent so many episodes playing broken, manipulated or possessed versions of Sam, it will be a refreshing change of pace to see him return to the heart of who Sam is — smart, stubborn and single-minded in his focus when it comes to those he loves.

While “Supernatural” didn’t always manage to stick the landing in its ninth year, the daring genre show still proved that — thanks to its solid foundation of memorable characters and swing for the fences tenacity — it still has plenty of stories worth telling.

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  1. isha says:

    Well they have that whole save a demon exorcism that I think they might try, and who knows maybe sam really will close the gates of hell this time considering the demon he has to save is his brother and these two really can’t stop dying for each other, regardless of what sam said earlier this season. Either that or I hope they get dean atleast to the same state cain was in now

  2. Diane Flynn says:

    I was a fanatical viewer of The X-Files in the 90’s and never thought there would be a Sci-Fi TV show to equal it. I just started watching Supernatural on TNT last year and immediately was drawn to the plot, characters, and overall versatility of the show. I think the draw for me is some of the family loyalty and situations can happen to most of us. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are handsome young actors who portray Sam and Dean Winchester as supernatural hunters on a quest to rid the world of monsters.
    The writers do a great job of keeping their quest interesting and scary and worth watching each episode. Can’t wait for season 10 to start in the fall. Will Sam and Castiel team up to save Dean from Hell and being Crowley’s secret weapon?????

  3. Sylvia says:

    I am so hooked on this show that my son introduced me to. Somehow I hope Castiel and Sam can get Dean back. Can I suggest for these two unlucky characters that when the series ends (and I’m not looking forward to that) the Wonchesters move on to find some good in life. In other words a happy “normal” life. Can’t wait to see next season!

  4. crisscross says:

    Most fans were bored by Metatron monologues and Charlie is a Mary Sue – please let her remain in Oz.

  5. big daddy D says:

    Can anyone think of an episode of Supernatural that would rival X-files “Home”?

  6. Mae says:

    I have to agree & disagree with you here.

    I think Metatron was a huge mis-step for the writers. He worked well in small doses, however, he was over-utilized…over-utilized to such a degree that I began to wonder whose story the SPN writers were trying to tell. I think SPN is going way too Meta. It needs to really reel it in. It is beginning to take me out of the story.

    SPN has felt more like an ensemble show to me this year. While I have always loved SPN’s secondary characters – Cas, Crowley, Bobby, Charlie, Jody, Garth, Jo, Frank – & believe that have all enriched the SPN greatly, this season, I felt like the Winchesters were taking a backseat to every one else’s story. Especially the angels. So many unmemorable angels this year.

    I don’t feel like we got near enough Sam POV & his Gadreel possession storyline was never really delved into or flushed out. I felt that even Dean’s Cain storyline was just kinda tacked on the overall myth arc..which appeared to be angels, angels, and more angels. Dean got the MoC & then we got so little movement with it until the the last few episodes. It felt rushed & I don’t think the storyline was given the attention it deserved.

    I think the pacing was horrible in general this season, for all the story lines. I would have loved more Abaddon. It was like the writers were trying to juggle too many story line balls this year & hence dropped them all.

    I get that Jared & Jensen want more time off, but SPN writers need to learn to better use Sam & Dean when they are onscreen. When Jody or Garth are in an episode, we get tons of insight into those characters, however, Sam & Dean are left to twiddle their thumbs. And now that I think about it, I don’t think we got a single Sam-centric episode all season.

    To me, it felt like the Winchesters were playing the supporting role. I particularly didn’t like how I felt like the brothers were dumbed down to let other characters shine. For example, Sam not being able to hot-wire the garage door, but hey! Mrs. Tran can. Whhhat?

    I think I am so frustrated because there is a balance that can be achieved here! When we have one-off MOW episodes, give us some meaningful Sam & Dean convos or insights. Don’t just have them talk about the case at hand or the victims or nothing of real character value.

    USE those MOW episodes to continually further the brothers characterizations.

    I think we all started watching this show for the Winchesters, and in my opinion, the writers need to remember that. While the SPN can & should expand, it shouldn’t be done at the expense of Sam & Dean. And this season, it felt that it has been.

    • Interesting take, thank you for sharing it. I guess I hadn’t thought this way, but in essence, you’re right. I couldn’t figure out why this season seemed to drag at points, but I think you hit the nail on the head when you say they are “dumbed down” and letting other characters shine through. I’m rewatching Season 1 right now and even though it’s 9 years ago, I adore it: the action, the brotherly interaction, the MONSTERS, the scares, the supporting characters doing what they’re supposed to be doing, the list goes on. In the first few seasons, I envisioned them almost like superheroes and now it’s like they’re Clark Kent. Thanks for your thoughts.

  7. LatoyaB. says:

    I can’t say this loud enough – SO GREAT TO SEE LAURA PEN ANOTHER SUPERNATURAL REVIEW!! I miss her weekly reviews from Zap2It. She really “gets” this show, like no other reviewer ever has or ever will. Except for the part about Curtis Armstrong (Metatron was completely laughable as a Big Bad this year), this review is spot on, which is to be expected of her.

  8. trackerm says:

    As per par, spot on opinions & an excellent review! thanks Laura!

  9. PETER says:

    Sammie should get his body back in awesome shape as it once was several seasons ago. Life is too good for the well-paid Jared Padalecki! Maybe it’s his wife’s cooking that causes the problem.

  10. Rebecca Whetstine says:

    It will be interesting to see Crowley and Dean howl at the moon until that is, Sam, finds his self reliance and hoods-pa again. Will Cain call upon Dean to keep his word or will Dean, as the lying demon he is now, merely return the Mark of Cain and the jaw bone weapon back and make a run for it. I am hoping to see the guys come round full circle this season.

    • big daddy D says:

      Lol..CHUTZPAH. As a demon, Dean won’t return the Mark or the First Blade. A-Cain is rid of it. .why would he want it back? B-the First Blade is too powerful a weapon..it killed Abbadon..a Knight of Hell. Why would a newly minted demon like Dean give up such a coup? DemonDean is going to be a headache for Crowley..that’s my prediction.

  11. PETER says:

    You’re right, Spnlit, Jensen is a wonderful, talented actor. So thanks for your insight.

  12. spnlit says:

    Dean as a demon? Seriously? The only way this torment will work is if Dean is restored to his humanity and it brings him some personal redemption. This show is cemented by two brothers bonded by extreme life experience and the intricacies of their unique, individual personalities & intelligence. Dean as evil incarnate, decimates his being and the premise of this epic journey- brothers keeping each other human while living the life…. hunting monsters, saving people…… Please bring human Dean back before the end of season 10. We spent our time in season 9 suffering along with angry jacked up Dean and the bickering amongst brothers…. can we get back to enjoying an intense, interesting, complex, humorous, philosophical, brotherly, sexy, rocked out story with the real HUMAN Sam and Dean. There are other places to go and things to do …… work to be done… they are Men of Letters after all, just sitting on or rather living in the quintessential power house of Supernatural knowledge. Note: Jensen excels at his craft. Thanks for giving us Dean Winchester.

  13. ChiTown Brown Bear says:

    Amazing season…. Sad to see Kevin go. I thought Kevin was doing great. Seeing “Dean” take it so hard and using that motivation to go after Metatron really encapsulated the depth of love & devotion Dean has for loved ones. Sooo looking forward to S10 to see how they play out demon Dean.

  14. big daddy D says:

    Here’s the best I can find about any dispute between the 2 Js
    “Best Answer (Chosen by Asker)Yes. They did fight once way back in season 1. From what they have said, it was just because of the long hours and they were tired (probably cranky). So they fought. But Jared later went to Jensen’s trailer and they hugged it out. Oh. From the hundred of videos and interviews I’ve read, they’re close friends in real life (the fandom agrees).
    I heard there was a dispute during season 4..but I could be mistaken. Either way, it’s bromance heaven now.

  15. Tanya says:

    I loved the ending with Dean. I didn’t see that coming at all. Dean is now looking through the window that Sam had been looking through in the beginning.

    Now as far as Castiel, and his grace. What if they have Castiel take Metatrons grace? That would leave Metatron powerless and useless therefore taking away his threat and upholding Castiels promise to his Angel army not to kill him.

    Sam, I’m betting a twist in characters like his brother. I wonder if he will be wearing the God chosen shors that Dean left behind in turn causing more of the brother conflict/bonding relationship drama for the next season?

    Just my thoughts. I’m sure everyone has their own theory on this.

    Anyway, my main thought is, after all these seasons behind him, how do Jensen and Jared go home, slip out of character and back into reality? It’s so dark sometimes that you would think that it messes with psychy sometimes.

  16. Tonya says:

    Love the show and great ending for the season Bravooo😏

  17. PETER says:

    PS–I love Castiel from the first. Great actor, Misha Collins. And I always wanted him back in the story line.

  18. PETER says:

    You are right about Jensen; he is a wonderful actor. He doesn’t say anything and hardly moves, yet we know what he’s thinking, feeling. Great face. I’ve been watching the show since the first night with that ghost lady on the dark bridge. Wouldn’t it be great if they brought Dean and Sammy’s father back. I loved the three of them together.

    • big daddy D says:

      I think that ship has sailed 7 seasons ago. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s career surpassed John Winchester after Watchmen.

  19. Dean's Angel says:

    I loved the season finale. Dean being a demon is a twist. I was thinking that the sword wanted him to kill Sam but the sword just wanted him to kill kill kill. I hope the next season shows Dean in hell. Not for the whole season but I think it would be awesome to see Dean strutting through hell as the new big bad. Castiel’s part made me sad. He went through all of this drama for the last six seasons trying to keep Dean safe and Sam doesn’t even call him. His best friend is a demon now. I wonder what the other angels will think. Sam’s going to face Demon Dean. I think that will be awesome! From what I remember from dream a little dream Demon Dean doesn’t like Sam very much. I want to see Demon Dean beat the crap out of Sam. All the resentment and anger that Dean carries for Sam, I know that the fight would be explosive. It’s what I’ve wanted to see ever since Sam said he wouldn’t save Dean if the situation was reversed. Especially after we found out that Dean had a chance for a normal life when he was younger but he gave it up for Sam. We’ve seen traces of his anger with the Siren and the coin but I want Dean to lay it all out there. Because the brothers relationship has been crumbling since the start of season 4 to me. There’s too many lies and secrets. I liked them best during season 2 and season 3. When they were close. I love Castiel and Dean’s friendship but I think Sam needs some friends to. In season 10 Sam needs to make some friends. And I don’t mean a woman. It seems like every time something happens to Dean he finds a woman. I don’t like that. I don’t want Sam to find out Dean is a demon until like the fourth episode. The first should be dedicated to show casings Dean life as a Demon. The second should focus on Sam and the third should be for Castiel. I want to know what he’s up to in heaven now that he thinks Dean’s dead. It would be a cool twist if Castiel’s grace was inside Dean but buried under the mark and Dean’s heart.

    • big daddy D says:

      I’m sorry, you have no idea what you’re talking about. A-its not a sword, it’s a blade..the First Blade..get it straight. Dean in Hell-not bad. It can explain what he did when he was there after season 3. Dean and Sam have both had relationships throughout the series..they can survive all that.

  20. Corriea says:

    5/22/14 10:36p Variety Supernatural Season 9 Finale
    Val: I did watch the series for 6 seasons and I was done with it.
    Then I saw the review here in Variety, so I decided to comment.
    By the way, don’t tell me what I can comment on.
    Do you have a God Complex!? Please, Bub, just make some sense.

  21. cecilia says:

    I agree with everything in the editorial , Mr. Ackles has not had a story arc since season four. I hope in season 10 he is not saved too soon from his demon condition. I would guess by January 2015 the CW boss will have made up his mind to continue a few more seasons.

  22. big daddy D says:

    You can’t have demons without angels..that’s where it all started. Supernatural has always had a religious bent to it. I love the mythology episodes as much as the stand alones…Some of those episodes rival the classic “Home” episode of X-files. Supernatural has great action/suspense/horror and some of the best comedy on television. Crowley deserves his own show..and I used to HATE Castiel..but he’s grown on me.

  23. Vlad the Impala says:

    Supernatural Season 9 deserves all the praise I can heap on it — from my personal perspective. That said: What’s going to happen to Dean?! My guess: There’s going to be a new Sheriff in Helltown, and Dean isn’t about to take orders from anyone, especially Crowley. The King of Hell, if you recall, was afraid of Dean; hated Dean in fact, as he told Sam. Crowley will try to “tame” Dean, but I believe Dean will clean out Hell on his own. Wonder what the first contact by Demon!Dean’s soul with Lucifer, Michael, and poor Adam, all of whom are in The Cage, will be like?

    Finally, my guess is that the Angel of Death, Big Daddy, will give Dean back to Sam and the rest of us. Death alone has the clear, unfettered view of life in our Universe, and a sneaking admiration for Dean as the one Being who grinds the Universe’s gears to a halt! Free Will on a rampage, wearing a cargo jacket and work boots! Humanity deserves Dean; Heaven and Hell can’t handle him!

    Supernatural is such a phenomenally epic Odyssey, worthy of Homer, that someone should send a complete set of its seasons (all #? of them) to the Smithsonian Museum! Looking forward to Season 10; don’t know how I will get through the summer until Sept./Oct.

  24. Eve Bellini says:

    We love Supernatural. I hope for 5 or more seasons… You guys are great.. Most people tire of soap opera monster type shows (I hate soapy shows.), You guys have the best comedy I have see in a long time. Much <3. Rock on..

  25. bob harrison says:

    If they are running out of monsters for stand-alones, it’s because they haven’t looked beyond the immediate tv/movie circuit for fresh writers and ideas. Have a contest–let the people shoot them stories. Supernatural remains the best show on television regardless.

  26. big daddy D says:

    While I love me some Peter Dinklage..how either of the 2 Js has not been nominated for an Emmy is beyond me. Jared doing his Sam/Gadreel thing while in blue eyed angel mode..and Jensen doing his best psycho killer performance-when he cut off that vamp’s head..Look at me, bitch!! The emotion when Booger/Metatron slid the angel blade into Dean’s chest..OMG..so many good performances! I hope they don’t spend all season 10 on DemonDean. We know Sam has the cure to get rid of demons, but I’m sure the Mark and the Blade will not make it an easy affair. CROWLEY..what can I say. I love the vicious little ponce. Misha was great this whole season too. Anyone think God’s gonna show up..finally? Paging Mr. Freeman! I’ll have to spend my whole summer watching orange is the new black/true blood/sons of Anarchy/Gane of Thrones..but I’ll be waiting for season 10 of Supernatural with baited breath! Where are…my Winchesters!!

  27. cheryl42 says:

    I keep hearing about the brothers being at each others throats for much of the season. I have to disagree. If this was a rift it was the friendliest rift in the history of the show. Sam was hurt and said some cruel things. Dean was hurt and went off and made a really bad decision. Other than that they hardly left each others side. Whenever Dean was in trouble he called for Sam who came running in a panic. Other than showing two brothers that love each other having a little tiff I personally didn’t see the disconnect.
    I really enjoyed a majority of this season and I loved the finale. I am very excited for season 10 and hopefully beyond. Since the show ended up the #1 show for the CW for the season I expect it will continue on as long as the J’s want it to go.
    Always love your reviews. I hope you get to do more.

    • big daddy D says:

      Actually, jared and jensen did have a professional falling out during season 4, but the producers got them together and slapped them upside the head. Since then, they’ve been right as rain.

      • big daddy D says:

        @res..not sure what the fuss was about, but it’s common/public knowledge. A simple search can wield you some results. Let us know what you hear.

      • Mary says:

        I’d heard this too, but I thought it was earlier than season 4. There was a point where they both stormed off the set (I never heard the reason why) but Jared went to Jensen and said something like, look if we want this to work, we need to work together and see eye to eye, and we can’t have something like that happen again. And ever since, it’s been great.

      • res says:

        Where did you hear/see that? Over what?

  28. Kristina says:

    Great summary of this season and this episode. I agree that midseason felt like it was dragging, but not just due to the monster of the week cases, but due to Sam and Dean’s stagnant relationship. The last few episodes were great, and you are right about how great it will be to see Sam as Sam for season 10.

  29. Mary says:

    Oh my goodness, THIS. ALL of this. This was perfectly written and touched on everything that was floating in my head. THANK YOU for this write up, it was spot on.

  30. I need a “For Your Consideration” ad for Supernatural. Who do I have to pay to GET ONE.

  31. crisscross says:

    Every time Metty started a monologue I was reminded of that scene in the comedy film ‘Airplane’ where the old lady hangs herself because she cannot take it any longer. I was beginning to think his evil MO was talking people to death. But finally we saw the mettle of Metty as he beat Dean to a pulp.

    I didn’t like him. He wasted my time. The whole ‘Metty visits a Homeless Compound’ was a waste of time. I wanted him to die. I wanted Gadreel to live (way more intriguing character). I wanted Abaddon to live too – the angry ginger and Crowley make a fine fun pair.

    I wanted more Sam and Dean dialogue. I tune in to see the trials & tribulations of Sam and Dean. But at least we saw them talking and expressing… finally!

    Except for Metty – I thoroughly enjoyed this finale. I will watch again and again with wine and Kleenex by my side and my finger on the FF button for whenever Metty comes on scene.

    I honestly think JENSEN SHOULD BE NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY (yes I’m shouting). Jared is great, but Jensen is extraordinary. The guy can convey a thousand emotions without even opening his mouth.

    Fingers crossed we’re not getting heaping helpings of monologue Metty, squabbling angels or Crowley’s irritating son Gavin next season.

    • Mary says:

      I agree – Jensen kills it everytime he’s on screen.

      • Kristina says:

        Jensen is incredible. Sometimes I just think us genre fans are lucky because we get to enjoy a few of the best actors on tv because we watch Supernatural and Emmy voters don’t.

  32. I usually love your reviews, Laura, but I was disappointed you didn’t get a chance to delve into the heartbreaking scene when Metatron captures Castiel and tells him despite everything he’s always done to try and save Dean he’s failed and Dean is dead. I thought Misha beautifully conveyed Castiel’s heartbreak and grief. I’d have loved to heard your thoughts on that scene too. I for one am very excited to see what happens to demon!Dean in season 10, and I hope we’ll get a scenario where Sam and Castiel work together to save him. I feel like season 9 gave us more Sam and Castiel scenes on purpose in order to build their friendship which would make them working together to save Dean even more effective I hope.

  33. janeklegman says:

    Excellent acting, witty, sad, intense, and hysterically funny writing, incredible directing. Once again, Supernatural has given us a great escape every Tuesday night. Yes, some episodes were more enjoyable than others, however, how many shows with almost 200 episodes are still going this strong and have an ever increasing fan base? Bravo and Thank you, to everyone involved with the making of Supernatural. I look forward to next season!

  34. avseer says:

    An excellent assessment of the season – it definitely took its lumps in some unforgettable episodes. The insertion of Gadreel was a very nice twist given the redemption story that came along with it, Metatron however needs to be dispatched as soon as possible in season 10 if he even features (Cas needs his grace back!). I am looking forward to season 10 and a narrative for Dean outside of being the saviour of his brother and I hope for an even bigger role for Crowley! Adore that character, Mark Sheppard is amazing, his sarcasm and observations are always welcome. Loved Timothy Osmundson and hope he’s back in some capacity for 10.

  35. Jessie says:

    Excellent review Laura! It was a great season finale – excellent script, excellent acting, excellent directing! I loved the fact that Sam tried to summon Crowley to bring Dean back, even so he said in the beginning of season 9 that he would leave him to die. He remind me of season 3 Sam who would do anything for his brother. I hope Demon Dean would be like more Cain. He was a likable character, not pure evil, not blood thirsty, in control of his own action, with a certain moral compass. I definitely look forward to season 10!

  36. I loved Season 9 as one of my favorites and granted I liked some shows better then others but loved the storyline. It has my heart too and I love the show more then ever also. Season 10 is going to be fantastic This show is the best and I will always love it

  37. Corriea says:

    5/21/14 11:07p Variety Laura Prudom Supernatural: Season Finale
    I stopped watching when Castiel/Misha Collins declared himself a God.
    What season was that? I cannot believe it will be going into it’s 10th season.
    Show has passed it’s Expiration Date long ago.

    • big daddy D says:

      @Corriea..Castiel made himself God at the end of season 6..leading the way for the Leviathan Big Bad story arc in season 7-love those Buffy references. I’m glad the show’s coming back. I don’t think it will end till God shows up.

    • big daddy D says:

      Castiel’s God turn was season 6..and you couldn’t be more wrong about the show. Supernatural has been an awesome show for 9 incredible seasons! Can’t wait till season 10 with Demon-Dean! LOVE LOVE LOVE Supernatural!

      • Val says:

        If you have ‘stopped’ watching,than Why are you commenting? Don’t waste your time, comment on shows you are invested in!

      • Corriea says:

        5/22/14 12:39a Variety Supernatural big daddy d
        I read the Variety review and it was very extensive exam on the Season 9 Finale. When Castiel declared himself a God, that was that season’s Finale, was that at the end of Season 5 or Season 6? Well, I knew I would light a fire when I said the Sell/By/Date has long passed. Hey, Bub, it’s coming back anyway. Moldy and Old.

  38. aanikines says:

    very good review, I loved it. It’s true, this season had its downs, at one point I was asking myself what the f¨ck are the writers doing! But Supernatural has caught my heart, and now I love the show more than ever. The finale was amazing and it leaves us with great expectations for season 10

  39. As always, Laura, you perfectly articulate my thoughts on the episode and the season! The good was very, very good, the low points were… very disappointing.

    The performances have been incredible throughout though, and I’m glad you highlight that.

    I disagree with a couple of the comments here in that I hope that the story of Demon!Dean is given some time, and is thoroughly explored in season 10. One of my gripes about season 9 was how little we saw of Castiel coming to terms with becoming human, and how soon he regained angelic status (albeit through stolen, debilitating grace.)

    An amazing, emotional, exciting finale. Wherever they decide to take us next year, I am beyond excited to go on that journey!

  40. He didn’t just become a demon. If we take all that was said, he became a friggin Knight of Hell. That’s a whole new level of scary and should have a whole new level of complications. I do suspect Crowley’s son will have a part to play in all this, as him being alive has to alter the timeline. <<<<Maybe that's the escape goat to save Dean?

    Anyways, I truly believe that if they plan on continuing this Angel V Demon story arc, it's high time God made and appearance. It's about the only story that's never been explored withing the whole scheme of things. As a result of the finale, Cain will most likely make another appearance and obviously the after math at heaven. After those disappointing season 7 and season 8, at least I can say my faith is a bit restored in the series and will watch next season.

  41. Disappointed says:

    I agree that the acting was super good, especially how comfortable the J2s were in their scenes together. But, in the end, I was disappointed with the season; but not as much as I was with S8.

    Crowley won; he played Dean like a fiddle. Metatron won, because he lived to yak again next season. Cas’ story went nowhere. A very weak resolution to the brothers’ season long spat. What there was was brief, but nice. No set-up for S10, except Dean is a demon. I am not a bit thrilled about the Righteous Man, Michael’s one true vessel, being a demon. I am not a bit interested in the Crowley/Dean budding bromance. I don’t care how many sad-sack eyes we get from Cas about the loss of his wings. The thought of more really badly written angels is tiresome, as is the soon-to-be-love interest tease for Cas with the flip-flopping Hannah.

    After nine years of faithful live viewing every single episode, I’ll probably catch the premiere, mid-season finale, and the final episode of S10 and read reviews on the rest of the episodes. What I am feeling is that there has been a strategic marketing decision to gear the show towards the 15 to 16-year old new viewers that Netflix has brought to the show and that the long-term, older viewers — those that kept the show on the air all these years — are no longer valued. Good business move to ‘brand’ Supernatural. It will make money for years to come. Sad news for viewers like me, who want to be fully invested in a well-told and interesting story throughout the season. I need a little more than “Oh, wow” moments.

    • Fan from day one says:

      Guess we’ve been watching different shows. I’ve watched from the beginning and while a few episodes might not have been as good as others I think Supernatural just keeps getting better. Love Jensen and Jared and Misha and Mark. As hard as it is to imagine a demon Dean there are so many potential awesome ways to go!

  42. Dean Grimly says:

    Excellent review! Thanks for your (as always) valuable insights and astute observations. I confess that I have a weakness for the stand-alone episodes, some of which have been masterpieces. I like their leavening effects on the angsty, terrifying, and tragic mytharcs over which this whole epic flows. Without sounding too nerdish, Supernatural reaches a kind of classic Greek play level.

    Am looking forward, as I know you are, to Season 10. There’s a new Sheriff in Hell…isn’t there.

    • blinderd8 says:

      Crowley did not win since he did not make the deal for either Winchester’s soul. He merely kept Dean from death, a new kind of life albeit, when he put the first blade back in Dean’s dead hand. He didn’t lie a that is his trade mark response.Nobody but Dean was in the room to hear Crowley’s speech. Jared and Jensen gave superb acting performances that were not over the top and so allowed suspension of disbelieve. Misha emoted well, Curtis Amstrong was so effective all season long and Mark A. Sheppard gave tour de force performance and acted as our eyes into Dean.

  43. Good ending but as I’ve said before why do they have to do storylines about religion I liked it when they used to go from city to city fighting demons & I agree they fought all season I like them when they get along well & have funny things they do together they don’t do that anymore joking around. Season 10 is coming make some changes & don’t drag the dean demon thing thru the whole season bring back some of the old fun they used to have with serious thrown in their also . Been a fan for 9 years love this show <3

    • Merry says:

      I agree: while the ‘soap opera’/Story Arc of Sam and Dean is fine, the BEST stories are the stand-alone stories of monster hunting and brotherhood. When our family watches them on Netflix, we choose the stand-alone episodes because they are just fantastic stories!

  44. Jayne says:

    Nice to see the acknowledgement of Padalecki’s talent and what he brings to the show. He’s as good as Ackles and often severly under appreciated.

    His portrayal of Gadreel this season makes him my MVP for season 9.

    You talk about Dean’s supposed lack of a role in the mytharc. Well how about the lack of Sam’s POV? For goodness sakes, we just learned that he has nightmares about killing Kevin. How many episodes after the fact is that confession while Dean’s POV is always front and center.

    Speaking of Dean, I can only hope that his time as a demon doesn’t drag on forever. The relationship between the brothers is the most important aspect of the show. The chemistry between Padalecki and Ackles is the main reason this little show that could is now going into its 10th season. The constant fighting between the brothers is what has brought unevenness to the show. I want them working together on the same team.

    • angel64 says:

      I personally have seen the very opposite in many reviews: Jared’s acting being highly praised over Jensen’s in fact, so I have to disagree that he doesn’t get acknowledged for his acting.
      I guess they give Dean more POV because for most of the seasons all the main story arcs and focus were given to Sam, so they had to give Dean something other than just playing support, since he’s also supposed to be one of the two leads.
      Only season 3 was there balanced importance for both characters, and this season was the first one where Dean had the most focus of the two.
      But sure, it would be great to have more Sam POV.
      Ideally, both actors should equally have main storyline focus and equal POV.

    • big daddy D says:

      I’ll give Jared his props. Up to season 6 and soulless Sam..I thought he was as dull as a block of wood…but since then, he’s shown great range in his acting. So..good for him

    • Kristina says:

      Great point about Jared’s performance as Gadreel and Sam. In fact, Jared was playing at Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder level as an angel pretending to be another angel pretending to be a human at one point. Well done.

    • Mary says:

      Oooh, good point – he DID play Gadreel EXCELLENTLY, switching from one to the other seamlessly. There was a scene when they’re in that restaurant kitchen and the bad guy knifes him, and he changes to Gadreel just long enough to heal himself, and Jared said that was a tough scene because it was so challenging. I can imagine!

      And I also agree about needing more brotherly connection. It seems like they are always arguing about SOMETHING. I love to see them play off each other, it’s magic!

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